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Email Support

Q. How can I Filter Spam Email?

Are you tired of receiving unsolicited email messages by the hundreds per day? now offers several email filters that will allow you to separate the "junk" or "spam" emails from the legitimate email messages that you receive. Follow carefully the instructions given below:
Please Note: These settings work for and email systems, No Guarantees with any other email system.

In order to activate your email filters, you must first log into your email account using the webmail page. Once you have logged in, click on the Account Options located on the upper right side of the page. From the drop down menu select Filters. Press the Add button to start adding the email filter rules. Follow the instructions given below, the sample image posted below includes fields that are numbered according the order of instructions.

  1. From the “Select Field” click on “Headers”. Put a dot next to the word “contains”.
  2. Inside the box provided for “Phrase” you will type the following email filter rule; X-IMAIL-SPAM-DNSBL (make sure that they are all capitalized).
  3. Then click on “Add Condition” button. The email filter rule will actually move from the “Phrase” box down into the “Rules” box.
  4. From the “Filter Action” box, you can select “Move this message to this mailbox” which will put every message being rejected into a folder called “Spam”. The option “Forward this message to” will allow you to specify an email address where you would like to have the bounced emails forwarded to. The “Delete Message” option will simply delete any bounced emails without leaving a copy of the message.
  5. In the “Destination” box, you can either specify the email address of where you want your bounced messages to be forwarded to or you can simply type the work “Spam” and it will create a folder within your email box where it will store any bounced message
For each of the following filter rules you will follow the same procedures instructed above. These should be installed 1 at a time starting with level 1, this removes the most spam. then if that doesn't stop enough for you, try adding level 2, then level 3, then level 4.
Filter Rules:
Level 1 = "X-IMAIL-SPAM-DNSBL" This does not allow any email from any domain on the DNS Blacklist, and stops the most emails
Level 2 = "X-IMAIL-SPAM-VALFROM" This validates the email by verifying the domain it came from.
Level 3 = "X-IMAIL-SPAM-STATISTICS" This scans the email for keywords that are specific to spam mail.
Level 4 = "X-IMAIL-SPAM-VALHELO" This verifies the email by saying hello back to the mail server.
Dad's Tip: make a different mailbox for each filter, That way you can see what is being filtered by which filter.
Q. "What's Phishing" or "Is this Email Real?"
A. Probably Not.
Lately there are Emails going around that state that "you need to udate your account" or "that your account is suspended" and then they want you to click on a link to enter your Info. These Are Fake! or about 1 in a 1000 is real. I get these Emails often and some of them look very real, i've even been duped myself by one that looks like it was from paypal.(i changed my paypal info a couple minutes later when i realized it was phoney) most of the Emails look like they are from real firms like Citibank, PayPal, Wells Fargo, B of A, and almost every other finiancial institution out there.
If your still worried that your account is in Jeopardy, go to the web link that you normally use to log in and check it, Do Not Click On The Link In The Email! Still not sure? Send it to the corisponding company and ask them, the email address for this kind of stuff is almost always "" (Example: or
Or just Delete the stupid thing.