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The Ultimate Computer
I decided to build the Ultimate Computer
When I finished I had the
I started with an ASUS Striker Extreme Green Motherboard.
This is made for Extreme Gaming, and if it can do that, it'll do just about anything else out there.

Then I added an Intel Core 2 Quad Core 2.4ghz CPU.
(The First 4)

I went ahead and used the Stock CPU Fan that came with the CPU. I've used these before with no problems and I think they look good too.

Then I used 4 gigs of OCZ Memory
(4 #2)
I used a Antec 900 Gamer's Case. It comes with 3 Blue led 120mm fans and 1 200mm Fan, That makes 4 Huge Fans. (4 #3) All of the Fans have 3 speeds and I have yet to turn them up to medium.
The Fan Cages of the Antec 900 Case are also the Hard Drive mounting area and ensures Hard Drive cooling. I installed 4 250gig Sata 2 16mg cache Hard Drives equaling 1 Terabyte of Storage. These Drives are all Raid Striped for Pure Performance. (4 #4)
Now I mount the motherboard, Hard Drives, DVD-RW Sata, and a Thermaltake 750 watt Power Supply, which is mounted upside down on the bottom of the case. At this point i was getting anxious and started to forget to take pictures, thats why most everything is installed in the far right photo.
The main Video portion is a EVGA GeForce 8800GTX with 768megs of video memory and 2 DVI outputs. This thing is so heavy, i was worried that it would fall out. The second video card is a EVGA GeForce 6600GT 256mg with 1 DVI output and 1 VGA output

Here's the finished computer.
It runs like a champ, I find it's so fast, if I blink, I miss the screen changes. The tray on top works great for holding both my Ipod and Camera too.

There's also a Logitech 5.1 Speaker system that you can see in the photo below

Huge Top Fan

The Fifth 4 - 4 LCD's

1 - 22" WS Viewsonic & 3 - 19" WS WH.
This monitor setup is actually a combination of 2 Multi-Monitor stands*.
*This setup is not offered by the manufacturer.

All 4 LCD's are on 1 pole stand taking up only the desktop space of 1 LCD. It still leaves Room on your desk for your Computer, VCR for TV sound, and M&M's.

To see the stands i used, click here